Wow, Cartenz Peace Task Force Confiscates KKB Propaganda Equipments

On Saturday (18/2), the 2023 Cartenz Peaceful Operations Task Force was successful in capturing various documents and propaganda tools belonging to the armed criminal group (KKB) in the Nduga region of Papua.

Kombes Pol Dr. Faisal Ramdhani, Head of Cartenz Peace Ops 2023, revealed that the found items were obtained when joint personnel patrolled the Yutpul village area, Kilmid District, or, to be precise, the Mount Wea area, Paro District, Nduga Regency.

“The items that we have secured are suspected to belong to the KKB and have been used so far to carry out propaganda.” “We have secured the found items and handed them over to Polri investigators for further examination,” concluded Kombes Faisal.

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